Outsourced Bookkeeping Services

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Outsourced bookkeeping services

Irrespective of the size of your business, you know that bookkeeping and accounting is an important activity for your organization.

It helps you maintain transparent financial records to understand the inflow and outflow of funds and also in knowing the financial position of your firm. We, at KMS, know that the requirement of every customer is unique, so we utilize our ability to offer personalized and efficient outsourced bookkeeping services. Our bookkeeping outsourcing services at KMS gives you flexibility in adjusting the level of service you need according to the size of your business and get the best and most efficient results.

What is outsourced bookkeeping services

Outsourced bookkeeping services are defined as a process of systematically recording transactions of the company on a day to day basis by an outsourcing bookkeeping services provider.

Outsourced bookkeeping handles daily activities like the chart of accounts management, transaction recording, management of accounts payables and receivables, bank reconciliation, general ledger maintenance, cash flow management, financial reporting and analysis, payroll processing, and many more such services.

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Why outsource bookkeeping services

Outsourced bookkeeping services are cost-effective

As a small-scaled, mid-scaled, startup business, or even as an established business saving money can take you a long way. But this should not compromise the quality of the work. If you set up an in-house team, you may have to pay the salary, direct costs like payroll taxes, compensation, medical insurance, retirement plans, and other benefits. Not to forget the cost and time involved in recruiting such as classified ads, screen tests, interviews, training, etc.

Our virtual bookkeeping services saves all these costs without compromising the quality as we are very competitive and also flexible in providing precisely the bookkeeping outsourcing services your company require.

Outsourcing reduces your work and fees

We at KMS maintain your ledger and chart of accounts as a part of our outsourced bookkeeping services. This translates into lower accounting fees and faster turnaround time, this leads to preparing tax returns and financial statements at low cost and in less time. Our outsourcing bookkeeping services help you focus on your core business.

Customized outsourced bookkeeping solutions

We understand that every business is unique and has its own needs. That’s why we provide you with a fee structure that is very affordable and customized as per the requirements of your business and the size of the firm.

Our outsourced bookkeeping services

Bookkeeping Software we use

We use the following accounting and bookkeeping software to provide outsourced bookkeeping services:

Difference between in-house bookkeeping and outsourced bookkeeping services

An in-house bookkeeper is likely to work as an employee that is typical 8 hours a day and enjoy all the benefits a regular employee may enjoy, like insurance, medical benefits, payroll taxes, etc. On the other hand, an outsourced bookkeeper works along with a team of bookkeepers and gives you the extended hours of work without enjoying the benefits of an employee. It works like a wonder, especially if your business doesn’t work on fixed hours like a restaurant, beauty services, entertainment, etc.

In-house bookkeepers come from various backgrounds and skill-sets, some of which may not be of much use to your business. There can be two possibilities while hiring an in-house bookkeeper, one he could be a professional CA with a deep understanding of accounts; second, he could be a self-taught bookkeeper with not much experience of bookkeeping and accounting. However, an outsourced bookkeeper consistently offers a high quality of work. We at KMS employ skilled and professional bookkeepers for our bookkeeping outsourcing services, which means whenever you outsource bookkeeping from us, you can be guaranteed highly professional bookkeeping services.

Factors to consider while choosing outsourced bookkeeping services

Size of your business

The volume of transactions and the size of the business is an essential factor to consider. Outsourcing bookkeeping should be your first option if you are a small-sized business. If your business is big and professional, outsourced bookkeeping services can still be your first choice, as you can expect with best-in-class services from the providers.

Need for your financial goals

Financial goals vary from business to business. One might require someone to discuss annual taxes, while others might require a long-term strategy. Therefore, availing a variety of outsourcing bookkeeping services will help you in minimizing cost and also getting desired results.


Your company is dear to you, and so are your financial details. These are extremely sensitive and confidential, and you might not want to risk giving it to the wrong set of people or a particular person. Therefore, outsourcing your accounts to a verified and professional outsourcing accounting company that specializes in safeguarding your financial details should be your first choice.

key differences of KMS for outsourced bookkeeping services

We take pride in having a team of professional accountants and being the leading bookkeeping outsourcing services provider in India. Now you can bring down your bookkeeping and accounting expenses by up to 30%-40% by outsourcing with KMS. Our highly-qualified bookkeepers can guarantee you correct and genuine numbers all the time. Our team has the right skills and competent knowledge to work with multiple and widely-used software for bookkeeping. We also deliver unparalleled output and performance by providing flexible pricing plans, personalized for your needs.

What do our customers think of our outsourced bookkeeping services

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frequently asked questions(faqs)

No, an accountant is qualified to look after the entire accounting process, while a bookkeeper only handles the recording of financial transactions.
You can either outsource the entire project or outsource specific tasks as well, depending on your requirements.