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CFO services

Finance is the lifeblood of any business or organization.

It regulates the smooth running of the firm. We at KMS provide virtual CFO services to organizations looking for an outsourcing services provider who can single-handedly tackle finance and accounts function. KMS has a team of Chartered Accountants, tax professionals, legal consultants, and IT experts to provide high-quality CFO services so that you need not manage an in-house team. We provide outsourced CFO services at a fraction of a cost on a shared service basis.

What are CFO services?

These are your one-stop solutions to outsource your accounts and finance functions to a single person or partner. It enables seamless delivery of financial services that include bookkeeping, accounting, payroll management, payables management, receivables management, taxation, regulatory compliance management, secretarial services, financial advisory, outsourced budgeting, and MIS reporting.

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CFO Services: Our Approach

Our Virtual CFO Services

Our CFO team consists of professionals who have decades of experience in providing various
services to dozens of clients. Here are a few top CFO services that we provide:

Why CFO services are important

Outsourced CFO services help in saving money

01 Outsourced CFO services help in saving money

CFO services has to be one of your best options, as it will save you lots of money. When you outsource a CFO, you won’t have the obligation of paying full salaries, taxes, benefits and providing other facilities. Outsourcing a CFO would mean paying them only when they work. It works like wonders, especially when you are running a small or medium-sized business because a virtual CFO Services will take off the financial strain from your firm.

Improved control with outsourced CFO Services

03 Improved control with out-sourced CFO Services

When CFO works in-house, he becomes a part of the team. It means all the password, sensitive information, and data is freely shared with him. It can increase the chances of other employees getting access to such sensitive and confidential data, leading to increased risk. While an outsourced CFO, on the other hand, has access to financial data on a need-to-know basis. It helps in maintaining control over the financial data and takes care of the security concerns.

Outsourcing CFO services helps in saving time

02 Outsourcing CFO services helps in saving time

A startup, small-sized business, or medium-sized business requires a person who is the part of it to take up various roles. In such cases, an in-house CFO might end up spending a lot of time on such activities that may not be directed towards the financial goals of the company. It might be disastrous as much of his time is spent on something for which he is not even hired. However, an outsourced CFO focuses on handling only the financial management of the firm. It helps him concentrate on the tasks that support the business getting closer to the desired financial goals.

Expertise available as and when needed

04 Expertise available as and when needed

Outsourced CFO Services ensure that experts are available as and when you need them. Our professionals will provide you with the best possible services with their comprehensive experience and domain expertise. Further, virtual CFO services are backed by tax, legal, and IT experts so that you get all services under one roof.

Key Features of KMS

KMS is your source to draw experience of decades in various fields of accounting and virtual CFO services

We provide you with the high-quality and best-in-class services at a fraction of the cost that one might incur by appointing an in-house CFO.
Our dedicated team of CFO gives you benefits that go beyond just routine bookkeeping as we strive to make efforts that will provide you with a robust financial base.
Our expertise is a strong mix of human resource, reporting, management, accounting, tax, and technology efforts, which lets us hit the ground to fulfill your specific needs.

our clients say

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frequently asked questions(faqs)

The full form of CFO Services is Chief financial officer (CFO) services.
A virtual CFO gets access to the financial status of the company, and he monitors the financial health and the well being of the firm in terms of finance through cloud technology.
An outsourced CFO is a financial expert who provides companies with financial plans and strategies on a project, assignment, or part-time basis.