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We provide multiple services to our clients in regards to gst and compliance with gst-related provisions and statutory obligations.

One of our key services is legal support in the times of search, inspection, and seizure orders of the government or the relevant GST department. Our team of expert legal professionals can address the legal requirements of our clients viz. support for GST search and GST inquiry in these times of dealing with the authorities.

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Our key services related to GST search and inquiry support for our clients include the following:

We provide legal assistance in the documentation and administration work during the investigations and inquiries undertaken by the anti-evasion authority or any other relevant authorities.

We also represent our client companies in administrative proceedings against the Tribunal or any other relevant authority involved in the search and seizure operations

We also keep track of all the documents, books, goods and things seized by the officers for inspection purposes and maintain a database of the copies or extracts without affecting the investigation.

We also represent the clients when they are summoned and produce documents and other things as required by the investigating officer for further examination and present the truth along with all the proofs.

We provide the required assistance in the recording of statements and representation in GST Raid Matters and GST search conducted by Directorate General of GST Intelligence (DGGI).

key features

You should select KMS as your support services provider for GST search and inquiry because of the following reasons:

KMS have a highly knowledgeable and well-experienced team of capable legal professionals who understand the legal matters related to GST and are well-equipped in responding to all of them effectively and efficiently.

Our belief in accuracy, promptness, and details help the clients in preparing the statements and documentation relevant to the GST raid so that the issue is resolved faster without any further legal hassles.

Our representation and litigation professionals are experts in what they do and hence ensure the best solution for our clients, thereby achieving compliance with GST provisions and statutory obligations at the end.

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frequently asked questions(faqs)

When the Joint Commissioner or an officer higher in rank has reasons to believe that the individual/company has not complied with specific GST provisions, then he/she can authorize an officer in writing to search and seize the goods, things, books, or documents.

If the authorized person under the GST Act has reasons to believe that, the individual or company has carried out any of the following, then search and seizure can be ordered for:

  • The suppressed stock of goods in hand or any transaction of supply
  • The claimed excess input tax credit
  • Evaded tax by contravening any provisions of the GST Act
  • Manipulating accounts or stocks to evade tax and transporting or keeping goods that escaped tax payments

Following officers have been empowered to assist GST officers in the execution of the GST Act:

  • Railways
  • Police
  • Customs
  • All village officers
  • Officers of states, union territories, and the central government engaged in the collection of GST or land revenues
  • Any other class of officers as notified by the central or state government