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It is a competitive world.

Companies try their best to remain ahead of their peers and obtain a competitive advantage over other players. Besides the competition, the companies need to focus on complying with all the regulatory and legal requirements to avoid any irregularities, thereby leading to fines or imprisonment and a negative impact on the company’s reputation. If, in these competitive times, companies focus on compliance rather than improving the quality of their products, services, customer care, or other strategic decisions, it will be a waste of their time and efforts in supplementary services. Hence, companies must take the help of professional corporate law advisors, who can provide them the best corporate legal services and ensure compliance with the requirements of all regulatory and legal authorities in all jurisdictions in India.

There are multiple tasks related to company administration and corporate governance, which become a huge burden in the times of handling the core operations of the company. If there is a corporate law advisor who can take away this burden of shareholder administration and communication, corporate governance, and statutory compliance from the heads of companies, it becomes easier for the companies to focus on their key mission and goals. KMS comes at the service of such companies in need of secretarial services across India.

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KMS is a CA firm in Ahmedabad. We always focus on giving our clients the best in class services that reflect our values and vision of transparency, flawless, and professional work. Check out our website to understand and know more about our services and firm.


Our range of services include the following:

Business set-up services

KMS’s team of corporate law advisors provides its clients with business set-up services that help them to focus on strategic decision making for their business. Depending on their needs, we provide them customized services as follows:

Compliance services

We ensure that our clients abide by the compliance requirements based on their industry and business structure. As per their needs, we provide them our full-focussed assistance and handholding in secretarial compliances. Our team of competent and highly-qualified corporate law advisors helps the clients in the following services:

key features of kms

We, at KMS, specialize in various Corporate Law-related matters and help our clients in compliance with the same to ensure their smooth day-to-day operations. Through our continuous handholding and support at every step, we make compliance with corporate law requirements a best practice rather than a task to be completed within deadlines.

Our team of competent, dedicated, and committed corporate law professionals provide the company law related advisory services to client companies at every step of their operations. It ensures a smooth sail through all the compliance and legal requirements and improves the efficiency of the company.
With our diligent and professional secretarial services, we guarantee to complete all the statutory filings of the company in time to avoid any legal actions or notices from the regulatory and supervisory authorities.
Our corporate law consultants provide their skillful advisory services to the client companies in the matters of hiring and appointing the knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced people in higher management positions that can augment their company’s growth in the years to come.
Our company law consultants have extensive exposure and experience in dealing with all the complex corporate law aspects in India enable us to help our clients in efficient and effective handling of the entire process. Our corporate law advisors work together with our clients, guiding them at each step and ensuring that all the deliverables are ready in time
KMS boasts of having a very skillful team of company law advisors, which focuses on every detail and does not share any details of the clients with any third party. We deal with the inner workings of the company and assure the company of our trustworthy team and services.
Our team’s business-oriented approach and experience in handling corporate law compliance and regulatory compliance aspects of companies across sectors enable us to deal with each business in their customized context
Our Corporate law advisors work with our clients in a coordinated way and ensure that the highest standard of corporate governance is achieved through regular updates on all the changes that have come in the local, state, and central regulations for company operations in all jurisdictions

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frequently asked questions(faqs)

It is the set of laws that determine the co-existence of shareholders, employees, directors, creditors, and other stakeholders in the corporate sector. Some of the key laws include:
• Companies Act 2013
• Employment and labor laws, 2019
• Prevention of Money-Laundering (Amendment) Act, 2005
• Securities and Insurance Laws (Amendment and Validation) Act, 2010
• Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), 2014
• Special Economic Zones Act, 2005
• The State Financial Corporations (Amendment) Act, 2000
• The Foreign Trade (Development and Regulation) Act, 1992
• Indian Contract Act, 1872
Corporate governance is defined as a combination of rules, regulations, processes, and guidelines that define how businesses must be formed, operated, controlled, and regulated. Companies are required to ensure transparency, accountability, responsiveness, participation, responsibility, efficiency, effectiveness, and fairness in their operations.
Corporate restructuring is defined as the modification of the capital structure or operations of a corporate entity. The types of corporate restructuring possible in India are mergers/amalgamations, financial restructuring, buy-outs, acquisitions/takeovers, and divestiture/demergers. The purpose behind corporate restructuring is to have a more profitable enterprise or to change its operations to suit the present situation of the economy, industry, and its operations.