Debt Advisory Services

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Businesses require financing for various reasons, for which they need to raise debt and equity or change their financing structure.

We provide debt advisory services to our clients in all the processes of project finance, corporate finance, and debt syndication to add value to their business and address their financing concerns. We start with a study of our client’s financial position, specifically, the debt capacity, followed by market exploration for best deals, selection of the best option that supports the present situation and future goals, and finally, the execution of the selected option.

Debt Advisory Services

Our debt advisory services include:

Advisory services for debt syndication

Assistance in debt structuring or Business Restucturing

Analysis of existing debt structure with a focus on reducing the cost of financing

Documentation for debt financing from lenders such as banks, financial institutions, private equity

Project feasibility studies for identification of the company’s capability to repay the financing and preparing the project finance report

Help in the execution of term loans and working capital

Advisory services for derivatives, hedging, and Islamic finance

Advisory services and related execution for structured finance and project finance

Evaluation of funding proposals from lenders and assistance in the negotiation phase

Execution of capital market transactions such as commercial paper issuance, equity, and non-convertible debentures

Help in securing financing from options such as bonds, trade finance, project loans, and others

Assistance in obtaining funding from Indian banks and financial institutions such as trade, working capital, project, and structured finance

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As a CA firm in Ahmedabad, we always focus on giving our clients the best in class services that reflect our values and vision of transparency, flawless, and professional work. Check out our website to understand and know more about our services and firm.

Key Differentiators

We provide debt advisory services in India and have an excellent track record in arranging finance for our valued customers.

KMS’s team provides robust, strategic, and objective advice to clients regarding their financing structure through a wide range of knowledge and experience of the local market and business environments.

We have a strong network of borrowers and lenders that enable us to find a correct match for your complex and demanding requirements so that businesses involved in the transaction are profitable and generate promising outcomes.

Our financial advisors use the best practices learnt from experience in various backgrounds, including auditing, investment banking, and corporate finance, to help the businesses in re/structuring their financing and achieve compliance accordingly.

We conduct a thorough analysis of your businesses, identify the right way of funding for your requirements, and recognize the proper investment strategies to grow your money as a part of our debt advisory services.

Our professionals are impartial in the analysis and perspective of possible financing solutions and the counterparties. Therefore we provide the best possible advice and agree on the best possible terms for our clients without any conflicts of interest.

We try to coordinate every step of the transaction from start to finish. We see that the client is relieved from the stress and burden of the financing transactions.

our clients say

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frequently asked questions(faqs)

Debt advisory is the advisory services provided by professionals in raising, refinancing, or restructuring of debt. The key objective behind it is to provide access to appropriate financing with the right structuring.
A process wherein a group of lenders are involved to fund various portions of a loan for a single borrower is called loan syndication. Multiple lenders are involved in this process because either the amount is too large for a single lender or the risk exposure of a single lender becomes too high. Therefore, a syndicate of multiple lenders is formed to provide the necessary capital to the borrower.
The financing of long-term infrastructure, public services, and industrial projects using the financial structure that is non-recourse or limited recourse is called project finance. The cash flow generated by the project is used to pay back the initial financing capital, and the assets, interests, and rights are held as secondary collateral.
Bank finance is the multiple ways in which banks lend money to their customers either through loans or through other credit facilities.
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