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Business setup services

Whether you are an indian national looking to form a limited liability partnership (LLP) or a limited company,

or a foreign national evaluating India entry options, we provide high-quality business setup services to help you realize your dreams. We offer you all the necessary guidance concerning regulatory requirements and the pros and cons of going ahead with various legal structures. As a foreign national, you have an option to go ahead with forming a branch office, liaison office, or a project office.

How to start a new business?

It all starts with brainstorming a business plan in which you mention the details of the business, like what to sell, selection of legal structure, financial projections, feasibility study, location selection, production facilities, promotion, etc. You then go on to build a strategy regarding customer acquisition, marketing, selling, funding, etc. The next is reviewing the legal requirements to start the business, tax liabilities, and determining a legal structure for it. The final step is registering the business, adhering to regulatory requirements, and managing affairs of the business on a day to day basis.

KMS helps you in each step of the way by providing business setup services making the whole process a lot easier and hassle-free.

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Legal Structures

While there are many types of companies, we have discussed two main types of them that are famous and profitable given today’s market conditions and choice of people:

Limited liability partnership (LLP)

LLP is a corporate body that is formed and corporated under the LPP act, 2008. One can characterize it as a hybrid of company and partnership, and it provides benefits of both these. An LLP agreement is an agreement between the partners, and the LLP governs the determination of duties and mutual rights within the LLP. The minimum requirements to form an LLP are that there must be at least two partners, and there is no cap on the maximum number of partners. At least one partner should be a resident of India, irrespective of his citizenship. It is also worth mentioning here that one also has an option to form a partnership firm.

Limited Company

We provide company formation services in India, and it is the most preferred legal structure for various reasons. You have an option to register a private limited company or a public limited company. In either case, your liability will be limited to the number of shares subscribed. It’s the most credible form of business, and various business activities like raising capital and borrowing funds become easy if you are a limited company. KMS handles the task of company registration for you and provides you all the necessary guidance until you incorporate and beyond!

Key features of kms

We understand the importance and intricacies involved with the process of starting a new business. Our team of business setup advisors is highly trained and possesses decades of experience to give you the best business setup services. At KMS, our clients are our assets, and we strive hard to provide our clients with only top-notch advice. Our approach to business setup services is always customer-centric and are customized as per the unique requirements of the customers because we understand that no two businesses are the same.
Our specialized team of advisors uses a mix of technical and valuable industry experience to serve the clientele. At KMS, we understand the value of time, and therefore, we endeavor for a quick turn around to support you. Most importantly, our business setup services are driven by quality, and we are always open to feedback and reviews at every level.

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frequently asked questions(faqs)

A minimum of 2 directors is required. The shareholder and the director can be the same or different person as well.
Yes, anyone can be a director of a company unless they are less than 18 years old, criminally prosecuted, or bankrupt or mentally insane.
The minimum capital can be Rs 1. The authorized capital, however, should be Rs 1 lakh minimum.