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Mergers and acquisitions are, by their very nature, complex.

Such complexities may relate to the regulatory environment, financial calculations, operational compatibility issues, and many others. KMS comes at your rescue in these cases to manage every aspect of the mergers & acquisitions activity. We help in the planning and execution of deals to ensure the right fit of companies and a synergistic relationship.

Our skilled and dedicated M&A advisors analyze the transaction in detail to identify any prospects and threats and negotiate on the best terms and conditions for the client company. Our main goal is to manage the M&A transaction well so that it adds value to the outcome of the transaction, and the deal turns out to be profitable for all the parties involved. We represent both the sell-side and buy-side in acquisition deals and in merger deals where one company sends a proposal of a merger to another.

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Mergers & Acquisitions – Sell-side services

KMS is involved in the sell-side of M&A transactions by representing them and managing the entire process of selling a company or having discussions with the party from whom the merger proposal is received. The sell-side services include:

Buy-side services

Our Mergers and Acquisitions experts are also capable of representing buyers in an M&A transaction. We assist in all kinds of steps involved in acquiring a company, including identifying the targets, negotiation on the terms and conditions, and completion of the transaction. The buy-side services include:

Identification of prospective target companies

Deep study and strategic analysis of the potential target companies

Approaching the target companies on behalf of the buyer

Finalizing the best target company

Analysis of the terms and conditions that would benefit the acquire

Valuation of the transaction using the appropriate methodology

Evaluation of the financial impact of the acquisition on the buyer company

Looking for methods of financing of the acquisition, if required by the buyer

Negotiating on the most fitting terms and conditions for the buye

Structuring the transaction deal and preparing the draft document

Assistance in the financial due diligence

Assisting in legal, tax, and investigative due diligence


In addition to help on the buy-side and sell-side of the M&A activities, we also assist in advisory services for raising funds through debt or equity. Our strong network of many financial institutions such as banks, venture capital funds, NBFCs, and private equity funds helps us to obtain the best consultancy on this. We aid in the successful execution and completion of such a financing transaction within time to achieve maximum value out of it. Fundraising services include:

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Mergers & Acquisitions

The experts of M&A activity at KMS provide all-encompassing services to the clients by identifying and setting up transactions and supporting in its successful execution to reach the desired state.

Our skilled, experienced professionals and dedicated industry knowledge experts enable us to provide practical, clear, and objective advisory services for mergers and acquisitions activity.
We have an international network of Mergers and Acquisitions professionals that enables usto procure important market intelligence for the required concerns so that the deal is completed effectively and efficiently.
Our intellectual capital, deal-specific focussed proficiency, and broad resources enable the parties to agree on the most fitting terms and conditions for the transaction, thereby facilitating the achievement of strategic and valuation goals.
We also act as a single point of contact on the client-side – be it a buyer or seller to avoid any confusion in the communication, discussion and negotiation so that a smooth process is ensured to achieve deal completion

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frequently asked questions(faqs)

The process by which two separate businesses are combined to form a single new legal entity is called a merger. There are three types of mergers: Vertical mergers exploit existing synergies, horizontal mergers increase market share while concentric mergers expand the product offering

A process in which one entity takes control over another entity by purchasing a majority of its shares or assets is called acquisition. There are four types of acquisitions:

  1. In the horizontal acquisition, one company acquires another company in the same business, industry, or sector.
  2. In the vertical acquisition, a company acquires a supplier of inputs or distributors of its products and services or the company to which it sells its products and services.
  3. In the conglomerate acquisition, a company acquires another company operating in a different kind of business or sector for diversification purposes.
  4. In the congeneric acquisition, the acquired and the acquirer share a similarity.
An acquisition occurs when one entity acquires another entity while a merger occurs when two separate entities join to form a new, joint entity.
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