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Khandhar Mehta and Shah (KMS) is a Chartered Accountant Firm in India, driving growth for its clients for more than 15 years. At KMS, our focus is on client service. We believe in providing an environment that stimulates transparency, trust, and confidence. Our Chartered Accountant in Ahmedabad keep themselves abreast of the latest changes and provide proper guidance so that our clients can make smart and timely decisions to get expected results. Be it our auditors, direct tax experts, or GST experts in Ahmedabad; we are passionate about solving our clients' problems

Proper Guidance.

Smarter Decisions.

better outcomes.

We’re here to provide you with proper guidance so that you can make smarter decisions and get better outcomes.


One of our main mantras is, we believe our customers as our greatest asset. We channelize our experience and knowledge to its maximum capacity and provide our clients with personalized ideas and fresh thinking through our dynamic approach.


We exactly know the pulse of your business and thoroughly understand the unique challenges of your business. We can help you overcome your accounting, taxation, payroll, and other operational issues so that you can achieve more! Your success is our success.​


Our team of Chartered Accountant in Ahmedabad are experts in the field of accounting, GST, Income Tax, Auditing, IT Consultancy, Management Consultancy, and so on. They are passionate about what they do, i.e., solving your problems.

Khandhar Mehta and Shah
for a journey beyond excellence.
knowledge. Experience.  Teamwork.

Our Chartered Accountant in Ahmedabad focus on providing our clients the best in class services that reflect our values and vision of transparency, flawless, and professional work. Check out our website to understand and know more about our services and firm.

People. Process. Passion.

Our journey started way back in 2004 when we three friends Amish Khandhar, Gautam Mehta, and Tushar Shah, decided to put all our experience, knowledge, and vision into a customer-centric and transparent chartered accountancy service for everyone. We started in Ahmedabad, India, and little did we know with the hard work and persistence of our team of Chartered Accountant in Ahmedabad, co-workers, and founders will help us grow to where we are and become a reputed chartered accountant firm in India.

We are the first-generation chartered accountant in Ahmedabad. We work under the most technologically advanced environment and stay updated with all the changes, techniques, and solutions, making us the first choice of successful Chartered Accountant firms across India. As one of the firm of Chartered Accountants in India, our domain works under a very versatile range of industries and services. Therefore fulfilling the needs of every type of business, be it a small scale business or a multinational brand.

KMS provide a wide variety of services ranging from taxation, statutory audit, internal audit, information systems audit, CFO services to corporate services, and advisory, we are a full-service Chartered Accountant firm in India. Some of our most sought after advisory services are our Income Tax for individuals and corporates, and auditing for small, medium, and large entities. We also provide statutory and concurrent auditing services for banks. Our robust legal team expands to corporate and allied statutes, where we provide useful solutions and consultancy regarding various legal aspects.

We are known for our GST Services. We have authored several books on GST and Service Tax. Our GST experts in Ahmedabad ensure GST Compliance, provide their expert opinion matters concerning GST, and provide GST litigation support.

One of our striking services, which makes us different as chartered accountants in India, is the virtual CFO service. The virtual CFO has been a very profitable option for all our clients, given the reduction of cost and streamlined finance operations they have been able to carry out.

Our Corporate Services division provides business setup services, ensures foreign trade policy and FEMA compliance for clients, facilitates mergers and acquisitions, and provides services for financial statements conversion to US GAAP and IFRS.

Our Chartered Accountants in Ahmedabad undertake business feasibility studies, provide IT consultancy, risk advisory, Anti-Money Laundering (AML), and management consulting services to our esteemed clients.

Our journey

Real ChallengesReal PeopleReal Success.

Today as a Chartered Accountant firm in India, we cherish our values and try to imbibe them in the working paradigm as well, which is reflected through integrity, diligence, loyalty, and transparency in the services received by our customers.

Our never-failing dedication to our values has enabled us to reach heights and travel to reach the distance we have reached today before we go miles tomorrow.



With a humble start in 2004, KMS managed to expand its business to an international level, that is, in the USA and UAE by 2007.
In a matter of just a few years, our Chartered Accountants in Ahmedabad have been able to work and provide successful results to 35+ multinational companies and many small and medium scaled brands and firms in India.
As the company geared up in 2010, robust infrastructure with two offices got ticked in checkboxes of the company.


80+ professionals

There was no stopping to this boost, and by 2019, our family further grew to 120+ people.


gear up

By 2017, our family grew to 80+ professionals in Ahmedabad.


120+ professionals

KMS Difference

Embracing change. Enabling Growth.

Our clients trust us with their finance, accounts, income tax, and strategic issues, as we believe in offering only the best and precise work.

Clients take the maximum benefit of our GST services and enjoy complete peace of mind as far as GST compliance is concerned.

As one of the firm of  Chartered Accountants in India, we take the confidentiality and privacy of our clients very seriously, and our employees are very professional when it comes to safeguarding the trust of our clients.

Honesty and transparency are reflected in our work when we show results that are as meticulous as it gets owing to decades of expertise and experience of our team of Chartered Accountants in Ahmedabad.

Our service orientation includes effective and clear communication with clients to avoid any miscommunication and deviance from the results and services they expect.

Our team delivers innovative and creative custom-made solutions to our clients.

We respect and understand the importance of time of our clients which they invest in us, and hence our Chartered Accountants in Ahmedabad believe in working as efficiently and effectively as we can to provide the best of our service to our clients.

We feel proud of the way we carry out our work and the trust our clients pose in us. We work with utmost loyalty and dedication, and that helps us retain the loyalty of our clients. This brings harmony between our clients and KMS and builds a cordial relation between us.

Commitment. precision.

transparency. trust.

Our Vision

To consistently deliver excellence and thereby becoming a trusted,
dynamic, and versatile Chartered Accountancy firm.

Our Mision

We want to create an environment for our clients, which feels more than just a business relationship. We want them to pose their trust and spend time with us and reap the benefits out of our expertise in accounting, taxation, auditing, outsourcing, and management consultancy services.

We want to attract and expand our family by recruiting employees who share similar values and ideas, which architects a path towards commitment, precision, transparency, and trust.

Overall, we want companies and businesses to be able to succeed in fulfilling their mission with the help of our value-added services and make us a trusted partners of their journey.

What can we do for you?

Value Unlocking. Value Enabling.

Value Preservation. Value Reporting.

Value Unlocking : By providing strategic advisory service and helping in building a strong foundation for future expansion and growth.
Value Enabling : By supporting the management in decision-making and by analyzing and evaluating the performance.
Value Preservation : By detecting, preventing, and mitigating risks and designing and implementing a robust internal control framework.
Value Reporting : By providing timely KPIs, reports and ensuring the relevant and useful flow of information with strict adherence to timeline.
Our Commitment to Clients:
QualityTimeliness. Empowerment.
Assuring on-time delivery, thanks to an efficient and transparent work regime of our Chartered Accountants in Ahmedabad
Providing best-in-class, customized, on-site/off-site services based on requirements
Assistance in various matters concerning interpretations of the law
Respecting confidentiality and privacy for all parties involved
Building trustworthy relationships

Our Commitment to Clients:

QualityTimeliness. Empowerment.

Assuring on-time delivery, thanks to an efficient and transparent work regime of our Chartered
Accountants in Ahmedabad
Providing best-in-class, customized, on-site/off-site services based on requirements
Assistance in various matters concerning interpretations of the law
Respecting confidentiality and privacy for all parties involved
Building trustworthy relationships