Core Values

Guiding Core Values that drive our partners and employees

Core Values

Our Core Values drive our partners and employees. We keep them at the forefront to run a responsible and ethical business. Our values help us make meaningful decisions and take necessary actions.


We believe that firms which practice integrity as their core value demonstrates a great sense of ethical principle and strong morals. Integrity, loyalty, honesty, and trust are pillars on which we stand, and we will never compromise with these values. We always do things in an independent, confident, and fair manner. Our integrity stands as a foundation on which our customers build trust and relationship with KMS.


For KMS, persistence and excellence go hand-in-hand where one is a matter of quality while the other is a matter of time. We strive for ultimate customer satisfaction and have full faith in our employees and the working methodology, which warrants the persistence towards betterment. We try to meet even the most sophisticated needs of customers which come to us and provide them with incredible results. We always strive to exceed our client's expectations and give them room for more opportunity and growth.

Knowledge and experience

Creating and imparting knowledge and skills among our employees in a free-flowing manner that is from the experienced founders and professional CAs with years of expertise is a regular phenomenon. We welcome new and innovative ideas from our employees, and it gives us ample opportunities to grow and flourish.


We have imbibed in ourselves a strong sense of leadership as a core value, which helps us develop respect and trust as a team. We follow value-based leadership in our firm, which means that our team gets motivated by our professional and senior leaders who assert the values and beliefs in our employees. We share mutual respect between seniors and employees and between the firm and customers, showcasing an important aspect of leadership. Not only strong leadership qualities exist inside the firm, but we also lead the firm in the front line on behalf of industry and profession.


We are not afraid to take bold steps and calculated risks. We firmly make decisions and see that they are implemented. We encourage a sense of entrepreneurship, and we remain committed to what we undertake as a team.


We provide enough independence to our partners and employees to have their own opinions, likes, dislikes, and judgements. It's the respect that we have towards our constituents, and as a firm, we never try to influence it.

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As an established CA firm in Ahmedabad, we always focus on giving our clients the best in class services that reflect our values and vision of transparency, flawless, and professional work. Check out our website to understand and know more about our services and firm.

Deep-rooted passion and responsibility

Passion towards our profession and work is what keeps us going. It lets us work harder and for a longer time to get you solutions and services which work best for your organization. Passion is what lets us go the extra mile and make a difference in our services, which makes us better than others. This passion and desire ingrained in us to make a difference are what makes us the first choice for local and international businesses looking for the kind of services that we provide.

Professionalism and confidentiality

We respect and value the trust our clients entrust in us, and therefore we make sure we safeguard their confidential and personal data with utmost care. Our working paradigm includes professional working methods that assure you systematic and accurate services. We take ownership of our work, seek improvement continuously, and try to demonstrate higher standards of behaviour every time we serve you. Our core value of professionalism includes matching our words to our actions without any discrepancies.


One of our very important core values includes a strong sense of determination and perseverance. Over decades we learned from our mistakes and polished our skills over and again till we gained expertise over it. This is why handing over responsibility to someone with experience is important as at KMS. The shortcoming and lessons in the past have acted as propellors that motivate and push us forward as we take our flight towards a better tomorrow where we can serve our clients with utmost dedication.